b. 1986, HK.



Chase Manhattan Bank
Jarrett Creative Group
NYC Dept. of Education
Staten Island Children's Museum
Please Touch Museum
Lady Gaga
Lewis Black
Black Sheep
Prime Films




Despite all of our differences we can probably all relate on one level; an appreciation of beauty. It has no one color or shape, no one style or size. It is universally objective. We may have our favorites, our "look" but still, it remains that appreciation. We innately have creative minds that we each access on different levels. A simple vision of something that's hard to articulate or has only been seen in your imagination feels an inexpiable urge to become real. We all deserve those energies to exist in our reality.  Maybe something beautiful to fill our homes with or to gift upon another. Or just a way to have colors and design improve our moods and our surroundings.  We all need art, whether we realize it or not.  Art and an appreciation of its beauty is an essential part of our lives.
I want to make Art For Everyone.


Growing up I was blessed with a hyper awareness of my surroundings and felt things very deeply. I believe this has been and will always be my purpose. To receive cues, notions and needs. To seek an understanding of the nuances of every day life. To create something out of seemingly nothing. This excites me, challenges me and makes me feel alive. Life is so beautiful I just want to prism and interpret however I can.  I long to feel a sense of accomplishment, that I did my part the way I know how. That need to make and do and create is my gift I can offer to the world,  in whatever grand or trivial circumstance I find myself. Art is my medium, the vehicle in which I am able to give myself wholeheartedly and for this, I am grateful.

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